JustLead Discipleship Study


This fall, young people have spent time learning from Old Testament figures in our JustLead discipleship curriculum. In studying the book of Nehemiah, elementary, middle, and high school youth have learned that when we have compassion for others, we can take initiative to help. Through the story of Esther, the students discovered that God is in control, and He puts us in the right place at the right time to make a difference with His help. Here is an example from one JustLead program of the impact the story of Joseph had:


In JustLead at the Western Heights Baptist Center, recently we really saw a spark ignite in our youth. Going through the story of Joseph, the kids learned about a young boy with all the odds stacked against him. He had a tough family life and he was in a situation he didn’t intend to be in, but God was glorified and Joseph became a mighty ruler. The kids really latched onto the story of Joseph! We spent time discussing who Joseph was and how he had a mighty faith in God, no matter his circumstances. Our kids brought his story home and pondered on it. We saw their faith grow collectively during the entire unit, and now there is a growing eagerness for every story we study. Our kids have been changed for the better by how the Lord has used the JustLead curriculum.

Maddy Baird
JustLead Ministry Coordinator
Western Heights Baptist Center


This semester, the stories have come alive for our young people, and they have had opportunities to make connections to their own lives to help deepen their understanding of scripture and God. We will close the semester with the birth of Jesus as students learn about the most amazing gift we were all given on that first Christmas.

Emerald Youth