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In 2013, Emerald Youth Foundation released a study that identified pronounced gaps in youth services in Knoxville's economically disadvantaged neighborhoods. The study gathered input from more than 100 organizations that serve youth in the 16 square miles of the center city, plus the ring of neighborhoods just beyond it.

Key findings included:

  • Fewer than 15 percent of youth were engaged in faith development;
  • Knoxville youth lagged behind suburban peers in academic achievement;
  • At least half of Knoxville youth lacked a mentor, like a coach, tutor or youth worker; and
  •  Fewer than 20 percent of Knoxville youth were engaged in recreational sports.

Coupled with startling trends related to increased gang activity, low ACT performance and rising obesity rates among children, the study served as a wake-up call that continues to inspire our work and encourage us to demand lasting changes for future generations. Click the links to learn more about the study.



Executive Brief

Overview of the study

Complete Study

Comprehensive 62 page Report