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Emerald Youth is focused on developing a cohort of 200 young adults annually who are engaged in a faith community, giving back, and on schedule with their post-secondary education or training.

Progress has been made in successfully transitioning high school students to a post-secondary path. Three Calling and Career Ministry Centers are now operating in Mechanicsville, Oakwood-Lincoln Park, and Lonsdale. During the pilot phase of the Calling and Career Ministry, 100% of the seniors were admitted to post-secondary four-year schools.

To help resource the Calling and Career Ministry, Tusculum University was recently announced as our first university partner, and at least three additional university partners are anticipated to be confirmed in the next six months.

Lonsdale Ministry Complex Construction

Growing our partnerships is key to our Imagine a City initiative, and Emerald Youth continues to strengthen and grow its work with churches and community based organizations. Woodlawn Christian Church in South Knoxville and North Knoxville Baptist have joined the network and began neighborhood youth outreach. Most recently, Western Heights Baptist Center in Beaumont has expanded its partnership with Emerald Youth to further ministry in its area.

Construction is underway on the $10 million Lonsdale Ministry Complex, but ministry work has been growing in Lonsdale under the direction of Kevin DuBose, the staff team, and neighborhood leaders. Almost 200 youth are involved in faith, learning or health initiatives in this community.

Emerald Youth continues to work closely with its sister organization, Emerald Charter Schools and its first public charter school, Emerald Academy. Next year Emerald Academy will enroll its final grade to complete its K-8 enrollment. There are encouraging indicators that at the end of the start-up phase, Emerald Academy is most likely to become the top performing K-8 urban school in Knox County.

As a ministry partner, you are making this possible by answering the call to believe, give, and pray with children and families in our city.

Emerald Youth