Our Boards & Committees

- 2019 -


Emerald Youth Foundation relies on a robust governance structure comprised of Knoxville leaders and influencers who are committed to our mission of supporting urban youth. We are grateful for their dedication and hard work.


Board of Advisors

Kent Bristow, Sr.
Ray Clift
Larry Cox
Ned DeLozier
Steve Diggs
Vanessa Draper
Rev. Walter Ghosten
Roger Goins
Jeff Hall
Matt Hinkin
Doug Kennedy, Chair
Jonathan Mayfield
Greg Meadows
Wardell Milan, Sr.
Bill Myers
Scott Overholt
Ben Ridder
Mary Rimer
Mike Roberts
Mary Frances Tucker
Dennis Upton
Buddy Warwick
Rev. Bob Bean, Lifetime Member
Jean Reese, Honorary Member

Board of Trustees

Rick Barnes
Mike Campbell
Steve Diggs
Kathryn Eggleston
Dr. Keith Gray
Doug Harris
Dee Haslam
Richard Johnson
Doug Kennedy, Chair
Jon Lawler
Tim McLemore, Vice Chair
Byron Williamson

Gov. Bill Haslam, Honorary Member
Larry Martin, Honorary Member
James Swanson, Sr., Honorary Member





Jeremy Cook | Roger Goins | Doug Harris | Brandi Haun | Jonathan Mayfield | Bill Myers | Jeff Potter

golf classic

Bob Bell | Mike Cooper | Matt Hinkin | Miles Hite | Phillip Hopper | Yvoncca Landes | Jen Peck | Hunter Purnell | Leslie Ressler | Sam Smith | Tracey Smith | Buddy Warwick

imagine a city leadership council

Charme Allen | Jerry Askew | Michael Cermak | Kay Clayton | Joe Johnson | Richard Johnson | Dale Keasling | Holly Kizer | Carlton Long | David Martin | Larry Martin | Gwen McKenzie | Alvin Nance | Joe Petre | Sharon Miller Pryse | Dr. John Simmons | Eddy Smith | Richard Stair | Wes Stowers | Tank Strickland | Tom Sudman | Bryn Todd | Dennis Upton

Imagine Lonsdale Ministry Council

Angel Bowman | Lynn Clemons | Kristi Hodge | Joey Kyle | Wendy Laman | Kori Lautner | Steve Simpson | Dr. Joseph Smith | Clayton Wood

Marketing & Communications

Lauren Cermak | Ned DeLozier | Wendy Hamilton | John Lacey | Scott Overholt | Dick Westerling


Steve Diggs | Doug Harris | Richard Johnson | Jon Lawler


Derry Thompson | David Brace | Brian Cox | Larry Cox | Chad Culver | Ned DeLozier | Vanessa Draper | George Ewart | Jeff Hall | Tony Johnson | John-David Roddy | Chester L. Sharp | Larry Stephens | Jayson Swain | Scott Warwick | Jody Wright