Christmas Store - Make a Hula Hoop Chandelier


One of the fun parts about preparing for the Emerald Youth Christmas Store is coming up with cool ideas to decorate. Learn how to make one of our favorite decorations this year!

What you'll need:

  • Ribbon

  • Hot glue gun
  • Hula hoop
  • Battery powered lights
  • Fishing line


Step 1:

Cut a length of ribbon and hot glue one end to the hula hoop at a slight angle.


Begin wrapping the ribbon around the hula hoop.

PRO TIP: Keeping the ribbon tight and creating as little overlap as possible will make the finish smoother and your ribbon last longer!



Hot glue the other end of the ribbon to the hula hoop when it has been completely covered with the ribbon.


Hot glue the battery pack to the bottom of the hoop – be generous with the glue, since the pack is relatively heavy.

PRO TIP: Covering the pack in the same ribbon that you covered the hoop with will help to camouflage it a little better.


Hot glue the lights onto the hula hoop, leaving the same number of bulbs hanging down each time. Be sure to only glue the plastic ball covering the light and NOT the wire, as it will melt!

PRO TIP: Use a ruler or some object to measure in between each section to make sure your spacing is even.


Tie fishing line around the hoop in 3 places to hang, hot glue into place.

PRO TIP: Before you glue, hold the chandelier up by the fishing line to make sure it is balanced correctly – the battery pack can make this tricky.


Hang, and enjoy!

Learn more about the Emerald Youth Christmas Store:

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Erin Wright