Honorarium and Memorial Recognitions


From October through December 2017, the following honorarium and memorial gifts were made to Emerald Youth Foundation.


In Honor Of


Joan Aiken

The Alexanders

The Arab Family

The Armstrongs

Doug Banister

The Basiles

The Beach Family

Gretchen Beal

Rev. Bob Bean

Carol Beilharz

Hannah & Shelby Berkley

Sue & Larry Bjorkland

The Blues

Laura Bolton

Nick Cakmes

Mike Campbell

Kyle & Faith Carpenter

Betty Catron

The Causeys

Mrs. Nick Cazana

The Cerones

The Chandlers

Art & Sue Clancy

The Clark Family

The Clark Reyes Family

Dave & Kirby Collins

The Cowarts

The Cox Family

The Craigs

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas G. Davis

Ned DeLozier

Alix Dempster

Steve Diggs

Kevin DuBose

David Durbin

Jeff Eargle

The Eargles

The Ehrnschwenders

Linda Estep

Jean Evans

Mr. & Mrs. William Farnham

Farragut Animal Clinic

Kathleen Fenton

Gail Galloway

The Gambles

Roger & Cheryl Goins

Ballard Hall

Ed & Clairanne Hann

Nathan Henry

Matt Hinkin

The Holladays

The Hollingsworths

The Hubbards

Emma Jean Huddleston

Dr. Charles Huddleston

The Huttons

Lee & Susan Hyde

The Jacks Family

JustLead Program Leaders at Second UMC

Mr. & Mrs. Tyler Kelly

Doug Kennedy

Jill Kyle

Jackie Lane

Fred & Faye Langley

Sherri Lee

Janet & Julianna Lefort

Mr. & Mrs. James Ley

Jerry Lyons

The Maulicks

Mr. & Mrs. Dan McAlister

The McNutts

John & Zulette Melnick

Dr. Mike Miller

The Montgomery Family

Cathy Morgan

Dr. & Mrs. Tom Morgan

The Nolans

The Norrods

The O'Hara Family

Bobby & Kathy Parks

The Pattersons

Tim Paul

Miles Plumlee

Mason Plumlee

Marshall Plumlee

The Povedas

Fran Ray

Bethanie Reyes

The Richters

Ron & Mary Rimer

Bert & Jennie Ritchie

Betsy Roberts

Dash & Debbie Roberts

David & Chandler Rosecrance

Brian & Cathie Rosecrance

The Rottons

Bill & Elisabeth Rukeyser

Bill & Elisabeth Sansom

Nathan & Lauren Sapp

Rev. Tom Seay

The Smiths

The Sullivans

The Tilleys

David & Ann Trexler

Ann Marie Tugwell

The Usry Family

Dr. John Vannoy

Bill & Trish Villany

The Walkers

Libba Wall

The Wards

The Watters Family

The Webbs

The Weeks Family

The Weissingers

Kathy Woodson

Mrs. James Wright

Dr. & Mrs. Tom Zarger

Art & Marge Zbaren

Tom & Donna Zeimetz



In Memory Of


Becky Addington

George Archer

John D. Arnett

Eric Brown

Sylvia Caudill

Barbara Clark Cross

Hubert Diggs

Royer Grady

Dr. Paul Kelley

Charles Lacey

Joan Carol Lay

Harry Lewis

Eugene Long

Wendell & Lois Miller

Ann Novinger

Phil & Shoni Reyes

Greg Slack

Mary Thompson

Patty Thompson

Brenda Trent

Robert Vandiver

Vickie Williams

Scott Wolfenbarger

Emerald Youth Foundation