David Wells

VP of Administration

(865) 637-3227 x104

David Wells has served at Emerald Youth Foundation since 2011.

He feels blessed to have been able to spend the last 20-plus years working in Christian ministry and with only two organizations: currently with Emerald Youth and previously as general manager in Christian radio.

David is a true East Tennessee native, and his college days were spent on the campus of the University of Tennessee, from where graduated with a bachelor's degree in marketing. And, yes, his blood is a shade of orange!

Outside of his work with Emerald Youth, he serves as worship leader for Middlesettlements UMC in Maryville, board member for a baseball/softball facility in Maryville and supports other community organizations. His wife is a kindergarten teacher in Blount County. They have two boys who they spend as much time with as possible watching sports games, performances, or activities in their own community service.

If David is not at a baseball field somewhere, you might occasionally find him on the golf course, or doing light handyman work. He enjoys finding unique food options around town, which is probably a good explanation for why "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" is his favorite TV program!