Volunteer Week - Meal Teams


Our Wednesday volunteer meal teams are AWESOME! Two teams - one serves at Emerald UMC Church and the other serves upstairs in the Emerald Youth building on N. Central Street - have been planning, buying, and preparing meals for years! They feed almost 100 young people and adults every Wednesday night and we are so thankful for all that they do.

Tammy Parker has been involved with Wednesday night meals for over 12 years. She said, “I first got involved when my daughter and son were in the program. When I was growing up I briefly attended Wesley House, so I know the importance of positive adult influence on children. What stood out to me about that program was getting fed breakfast and lunch in the summer. My family was very poor and honestly, we didn't always have enough to eat. It now makes my heart sad to think that any child is hungry. My heart is and always will be inclined to feed children. Nothing makes me happier than a child with a full belly giving me a hug and thanking me for feeding them. I am thankful to God for the opportunity he's given me to do what he's called me to do at Emerald!”

Cheryl Deaver has been volunteering with Emerald for the past 24 years! She said she volunteers because she loves seeing young below grow in their faith and grow in themselves.

See for yourself all that goes into prepping and serving Wednesday night meals….

Emerald Youth