Imagine A City


Emerald Youth Foundation remains committed to young people in the heart of Knoxville.

Last year, Imagine A City, our strategic initiative to raise up Knoxville’s next generation of promising, godly leaders, was launched, with the belief that every child, in every neighborhood can have the full life Christ spoke of in John 10:10.

Between 2014 and 2018, we experienced significant growth thanks to your generous support and belief in the mission:


We are also seeing encouraging outcomes from our programs and initiatives. In 2018:

  • 1,275 young people participated in faith programming.

  • 80% of Emerald Youth participants maintained a healthy weight - a significant increase from 62% in 2017.

  • At least 71% of the young adults who were involved with Emerald Youth’s ministry regularly attended a church or campus ministry post high school.

As our strategic plan continues to be implemented, there are two goals to reach by 2027: Expand the number of young people relationally and comprehensively engaged in faith, learning and health annually from 300 to 2,400; and annually graduate 200 promising, Godly, young adult leaders who are on track to complete or pursue post-secondary education or training, Christ-centered community leadership and gainful employment.

Read more about Imagine A City and how we’re continuing to engage with young people across Knoxville in our annual report.

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