Camp Week 2018


One of our favorite weeks of summer is JustLead Camp which just wrapped up. This week we had 230+ kids, 50+ adults, 10 buses and vans, and lots of new experiences and memories made across town.

Our JustLead elementary and middle school kids picked a camp they wanted to attend and then spent the week focusing on related activities. Here are a few highlights from each camp:

  • Sports Camp – Kids got to play some of their favorites like soccer, volleyball and basketball, while also learning some new sports like boxing, ultimate frisbee and water kickball.

  • Craft Camp – We were so impressed with all the creativity! Kids learned some new techniques and skills painting with Marilyn Kennedy, leather working with John and Helen Coatney and enjoyed making a variety of other crafts.

  • Wild Kingdom Animal Camp – Lions, Tigers and Bears…O MY! Things got wild at the Briarwood Ranch Safari Park, Little Ponderosa Zoo and the other animal adventures.

  • Rowing Camp – Kids took to the open water and learned to row at Louisville Point Park.

  • Knox Rocks Knoxville Camp – Have you ever wanted to explore all the fun things you can do in Knoxville? Our Knox Rocks camp had so much fun going to Fort Kid, taking a tour of the Tennessee Theater, going to the Knoxville Museum of Art, and playing at Morningside Park while learning about Alex Haley. And of course, Knox Rocks Camp wouldn’t have been complete without a visit to the observation deck of the Sunsphere!

  • Team Games Camp – Kids loved playing team building games and trying new things like yoga.

  • Swim Camp – One way to stay cool during camp week is by going to swim camp. There they learned swim skills, water safety and played fun water games.

  • Biz Town “Run The City” CampJunior Achievement’s Biz Town does an awesome job showing kids what it is like to have a job, manage money and run their own “mini” town. This camp is always a hit with the kids.

  • Cooking Camp – We have some master chefs on the rise… one of their favorite activities of the week was going to Dunkin’ Donuts and learning all about the donut process, decorating a donut, and of course, taste testing them. A “Chopped” style competition was also held, with the winning team being the “IncrEDIBLES”!

  • Wilderness Explorer Outdoor Adventure Camp – There is nothing like the great outdoors… ask our kids who went hiking at Ijams, fishing, explored Woods Farm and visited The Lost Sea in Athens.

What is the best way to end a great camp week? The zoo! Thanks to our friends at Variety of Eastern Tennessee for allowing all the campers to enjoy a day at Zoo Knoxville.

We are grateful to everyone – staff, volunteers and camp hosts – who made it such a fun week!

Emerald Youth