Marlena Jones

Controller - Emerald Charter Schools

(865) 249-7223

Marlena Jones joined Emerald Youth Foundation's finance department in 2016.

She has broad experience in finance and accounting, and is an Internal Revenue Service Enrolled Agent.

Marlena chose to work for Emerald Youth because the mission inspires young people to be more than what they can be and points them to the one who can make that really happen: Jesus.

She has been blessed with an amazing assortment of family and friends, sisters and brothers, and although life has thrown her quite a few curve balls, her Lord Jesus has brought her through it all, cleansed her, renewed her, and refined her into more than she ever dreamed she could be.

Marlena has served in many roles during her life – most importantly as a Christian – and also as a daughter, wife, mother and teacher. Her love of instruments led her to learn the violin and cello, as well as teach music. She also loves crafts, volunteering, and being and encouraging others to be salt and light for Jesus.