Kayleen Weaver


Kayleen Weaver is originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but calls herself a true southerner after living and growing up in Knoxville since the age of nine.

Kayleen is passionate about the betterment of the Knox County community and serving at-risk populations. She has served the City of Knoxville and surrounding counties in a social service capacity for many years.

She earned a bachelor's in psychology from Tusculum College and a master's in industrial organizational psychology from Walden University.

As a wife and mother of two children, she's also a “dance mom” and enjoys cheering on her daughter in dance competitions. Her family attends Faith Promise North Knox where they actively serve, and also participate in a small group. She also enjoys cooking with her family, swimming, and working out in her spare time.

Kayleen is always seeking new talent to join the Emerald Youth team, and encourages potential candidates to learn more about current opportunities.