Janddirah DaSilva


JustLead Children's Ministry Coordinator - Laurel Church of Christ

(865) 524-1122

Janddirah DaSilva grew up as a missionary kid and spent most of her early childhood traveling and moving to different cities and countries. However, she lived most of her life in a small border town in Southwest Texas.

She graduated from Johnson University in 2014 with a bachelor of arts in Intercultural Studies and ESL.

Janddirah became interested in Emerald Youth's JustLead program at Laurel Church of Christ because of its diverse neighborhood and families that needed an English-Spanish translator. She was willing to become the bridge between the large Hispanic population in the Marble City community and JustLead. She wants to break the language barrier between the Hispanic families and provide them with help and support.

Janddirah wants to be the person she never had while growing up and become a leader among the children in Laurel’s JustLead program. She wants to be an example to her students, so that they may grow up and become leaders themselves.


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