Anne Marie AbdulRahman

Grants & foundations Director

(865) 637-3227

Anne Marie AbdulRahman is a Knoxville native who has been with Emerald Youth Foundation since 2016.

She loves that her daily work serves city children and their families, and considers it a blessing and privilege to be a part of Emerald Youth.

A proud Tennessee Volunteer, she holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Tennessee where she studied communications and business administration. Upon graduation, she quickly found herself in the nonprofit sector, working as part of another local foundation that also seeks to improve the lives of those in our city.

Outside of her work with Emerald Youth, she serves in the worship ministry at her church, singing and working with children’s drama. On an average night, you may find her kickboxing, visiting her family, or eating at a Mexican restaurant with friends. But on an uncommon evening, she’s likely to be at a concert, out on the lake, or in New York City.


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